Atalanta Hospice Society (AHS)

The Atalanta Hospice Society (AHS), a non-profit established and registered in 2017 within Nova Scotia, comprises local residents, business professionals, and medical practitioners from Digby and Annapolis counties. Recognizing the absence of hospice care as a pressing concern in Southwest Nova Scotia, the collective embarked on a determined path. Following extensive deliberations and gatherings, the group committed to actualizing a local hospice. The Fundy Hospice project, scheduled for completion by 2030, hinges on the generous backing of our communities to ensure its success.

Our core mission is to provide compassionate, dignified, and supportive end-of-life care.

The Atalanta Hospice Society is a registered charity since March 18, 2022 (Registration Number: 799430913RR0001)

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