7 January 2023

Fundy Hospice was well represented at summer parades in the region as part of its 2022 Support the Quest campaign.

Hospice President David Cvet, as “Sir David,” participated in the Bear River Cherry Carnival on July 16th riding his steed Nya and accompanied by hospice “squires” Joe Van Heerden and Jamie Calhoun. The hospice group was honored with a $50 donation from the Bear River Fire Department for its participation as the best horse entry.

Fundy Hospice was excited to participate in this year’s Heart of the Valley Festival in Middleton. The Grand Street Parade, held on Saturday evening, July 23rd, was again a highlight of the festival. “Sir David,” Nya, and squires Joe Van Heerden and Jamie Calhoun were well received by those in attendance.

“Sir David,” with Nya and squires Joe Van Heerden and Jurgen Grigoschewski, Jr., were on hand to represent Fundy Hospice during Digby’s Scallop Days’ Grand Street Parade on the afternoon of August 6th. Despite the heat, everyone had a great time. Thanks to the Scallop Days committee for a great job organizing the parade!

“Sir David” and Nya participated in the annual Annapolis Valley Exhibition Grand Parade in Lawrencetown on Monday evening, August 15th. Fundy Hospice banners were in full display. “Sir David” and Nya won first prize for the best horse entry in the parade! Thank you to the Annapolis Valley Exhibition for organizing a wonderful parade!

For more video and photos from these parades and other activities, please go to our Instagram page at this link: https://www.instagram.com/atalantahospicesociety/