5 January 2023

JUNE 20, 2022 –The Atalanta Hospice Society (AHS) has kicked off a visibility campaign to raise public awareness of its quest to construct Fundy Hospice, a new residential-style hospice to serve the almost 40,000 people who live in Annapolis and Digby counties.

The Support the Quest! campaign kicks off with an evening event at Lazy Bear Brewing in Smith’s Cove on Friday, June 24. As part of the summer campaign, which will run through September 20, Lazy Bear will be promoting its popular Lazy Lager as the official “Fundy Hospice Summer Brew.” The brewery will be supporting the quest by donating $1 for every six-pack of Lazy Lager sold between June 24 and July 31 to support the construction of Fundy Hospice. Lazy Bear will be featuring a Fundy Hospice pizza special developed for the event.

This Lazy Bear event will be the first opportunity for the AHS board to display a rendering of the new Fundy Hospice building design. Board members will be on hand to offer information about the project, as well as sell t-shirts and tickets for a special raffle prize. The popular band “The Leftovers” will provide musical entertainment. David Cvet, president of the Atalanta Hospice Society, will make an appearance in accoutrements like those worn by 13th Century medieval knights in his role as Sir David, the Fundy Hospice mascot.

Over the course of the summer, the Support the Quest! campaign will include appearances by Fundy Hospice volunteers at the Annapolis and Digby Farmers Markets, and appearances by Sir David at community days, such as Lobster Bash and Scallop Days in Digby, the Cherry Carnival in Bear River, Ciderfest in Bridgetown, the Heart of the Valley Festival in Middleton, and the Annapolis Valley Exhibition Parade in Lawrencetown.

Fundy Hospice will be built on 6.63 acres in Cornwallis Park donated by the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre in 2019. It is a central location that will keep the commute by most patient families to within 30 minutes from most communities in the two counties. Fundy Hospice will be the only residential-style hospice located in Southwest Nova Scotia when it goes into operation in 2030.

Last September, to raise funds and visibility for Fundy Hospice, Cvet, as “Sir David,” undertook a “Knight Ride” of 250 kilometers over five days at the hospice site in Cornwallis Park. This was the inspiration for the design of the Support the Quest! logo, which was developed and donated by Lazy Bear owner Erin Norman.

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